How do you make your site outshine the other guys?

Illustration showing two homes for sale. One is broken down, one is polished and ready to show. "Which house reminds you the most about your website's homepage?"
2-3 minute read. Compared to previous generations, marketing today is both easier and harder at the same time. It's easier because now we can market to someone on another continent as efficiently as our neighbor. It's harder because our competition is so much more.

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Illustration showing two homes for sale. One is broken down, one is polished and ready to show. "Which house reminds you the most about your website's homepage?"

To explain, allow me to use this analogy. Most of us are familiar with buying and selling real estate at some point. If that works better for you, the same applies when buying a car.

When selling a home, you want to ensure the house looks good on the outside. This so-called “Curb appeal” is critical. People tend to start forming opinions literally within seconds—positive or negative and you don’t want prospective buyers to come into your home starting negatively. Once the atmosphere turns negative, people focus on your home’s negatives and look for ways to feed that negativity. This frame of mind is not a good start, but that is obvious.

What kind of curb appeal does your site homepage have to your future prospective clients? Is it warm, engaging, and helpful? Or is it dull and drab? Remember that your homepage’s main job is to have people wanting more and exploring the rest of your site.  

My best advice is to get two to five people whose opinions you value and ask them to view your homepage and two of your closest competitors and ask which of the three they are more likely to go with. Ask them in advance to be brutally honest, as this is the only way you can learn. Ask them questions such as who has the best images or pictures on the site, whose wording is easy to read and most informative, and the overall pros and cons of all three sites.

Next, in keeping with our analogy, what will the prospective buyers see when they come into your home? Will they visit a 25-year-old home that looks 30 years old (like the house on the left above)? Or will they see a 25-year-old home with fresh paint, updated appliances, and amenities (or like the one on the right)? All of these factors will determine if they want to buy your house and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Your website is no different. How do all your inside pages look? Does your site appear to have been built by an amateur in the ’90, or is it fresh, modern and informative? Does it appear to be updated often with new material, or is it the same since 2011?

Impressions count, this has always been true and always will be true.

Your website of today is like the storefront of our father’s generation. It has to be appealing and give people what they need to draw them into your store and hopefully start asking questions.  People draw conclusions within seconds today. Who are they going to pick, You or your competitor?  

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