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Our Christian SEO Company Is Where State-Of-The-Art Methods And Modern Digital Expertise Create Impactful Results.

What’s holding your Christian brand back from success?

Get what you need when you need it without breaking the bank. Say hello to cost-effective Christian Branding Services that deliver actual results.

Here at a rejected stone, our Christian SEO company is armed with cutting-edge techniques and modern digital expertise to take your results to the next level. Hitting a wall? Look no further—we’re the sledgehammer to your marketing obstacles. 

Over the decades, I’ve found that most (not all, but most) digital marketing agencies fall into one of two camps


Two different types of digital marketers pictured with a rejected stone logo in the middle with the caption "But not us, we're different"


Beware of scammy marketers! They target people who want to improve their lives and use smooth talk to win them over. They act friendly but only care about your money. They promise success with their “proven method” but ditch you once you run out of cash.


This type of digital marketer can be either inexperienced or overbooked.  Or both.  Either way, he’s over his head, and your account becomes just another number.  The squeaky wheel or the one with the deepest pockets will get his grease.  I’m not implying he has bad intentions, but you can do better.  

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But not us; we’re unique in our approach

Our highest priority is to utilize our God-given talents to help other Christian Ministries and businesses succeed to their fullest potential. We promise to be good stewards of your resources and never attempt to sell you anything that is not in your Ministry’s best interest.

“I understand the importance of finding a digital marketer who’s the right fit for your business. Sometimes, marketers can be stretched thin, leading to a need for more focused attention on each account. The best results come from a close partnership. If your account isn’t getting the personalized attention it deserves, it might be time to explore other options.”

Our affordable marketing services are built on faith, not finances. We help Christian businesses and churches grow online with affordable marketing strategies. No sneaky add-ons or fluff; get what you need within your budget.

Creative and strategic, we’re passionate about using our skillsets for faith-based companies. We put people first by fueling their mission with tailored products. Say goodbye to blending in, and get ready to stand out! No more one-size-fits-all solutions that leave your site indistinguishable from a crowd. Be equally yoked with our team of believers, and get ready to watch your business boom like never before.

At a rejected stone, our marketing team stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you. We're only successful once we make you successful first!

Say goodbye to your digital dilemmas! We’re here to help!

Tired of a Lackluster Website? Let’s amp up your copy, images, and headlines to impact customers with your Christian branding on the first click!  

Feeling Lost in Google Search Results? Our Christian SEO company will boost your ranking and get that invisibility cloak off your site ASAP!

Dizzy from Jarring Color Schemes? Just because orange and purple may be your favorite colors doesn’t necessarily mean your Church branding would benefit from their use.

Is Your Website Rocking That Vintage Vibe a Little Too Hard? If your website has an outdated appearance, it needs to be replaced, otherwise it’ll look like your nephew designed it for $25.

Still No Website in 2024? Our web designers will have you online in no time (P.S. Sorry, Facebook, you just don’t cut it!)

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We Can Handle All Your Ministry's Marketing, Big or Small.

Branding & Marketing

SEO Content Strategy

Social Media Management

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Video Production Services

Growth Consulting

Modest Budgets. Big Results.

We offer affordable plans to help small churches and faith-based businesses succeed. We focus on real results, not expensive extras. We’ll work with you to find the right plan to grow your church, non-profit ministry, or faith-based business and spread your message.

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Aligned with your Christian values, we will champion your Business or Church branding with integrity.

Big or small, we can help you reach your goals


● Expert Digital Marketing Professionals 

● Complimentary 30-minute Zoom Consultation

● Transparent and Affordable Pricing

● Flat Fee Structure for Every Project

● Google Certified in Digital Marketing and Project Management

● UC Davis SEO Certified and The Strategy of Content Marketing

● Google Certified in AI Essentials

● Our Team Members Are Masters in Their Field

● Not Satisfied? Guaranteed Reimbursement Within 25 Days of Payment Received

Let’s Start Writing Your Success Story

Your next chapter begins here. 

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Drive Personal Connection With Target Market Research

We Create Power From Purpose

Purchase being madeWe are a Christian SEO company with Christ at the heart of everything we do. We help faith based ministries grow. Our church branding strategy is focused on intentional results based on targeted selling that resonates with your target audience.

We listen, learn, and adjust as we go. If something doesn’t work, we change it.

We empower our clients to:

● Create new leads

● Take advantage of global opportunities

● Improve your online visibility

● Maximize your current resources

● Control your brand story

● Make data-driven decisions

● Build an ethical business

● Create cost-efficient social media strategies

● Identify and create new marketing channels

Invest In The Success Of Tomorrow By Taking A Leap Of Faith Today​

Begin Your Rightful Path To Successful Growth

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Allow Us to Demonstrate Our Dedication to Your Mission

Even though a Rejected Stone is a relatively new company, Bob, the Christian Project Manager of a Rejected Stone Marketing, has decades of experience helping businesses and non-profits grow and succeed. He firmly believes in the power of marketing. He is committed to using his skills and expertise to help Ministries & companies to reach their target audiences and achieve/exceed their goals. Bob’s specialties are graphic design work, incorporating sociology skills in marketing, and making things run smoothly. Bob is also committed to giving back to the community and his local Church.
Jack Naramore. Christian Digital Marketing

Jack Naramore

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