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Our Christian SEO company is where State-Of-The-Art Methods And Modern Digital Expertise Create Impactful Results.

Cost-Effective Christian Branding Services That Deliver Real Results

From our Ministry to Yours

a Rejected Stone is a Christian SEO company that offers online marketing services for businesses of all sizes, from small faith-based companies to large churches. Our team can create a digital strategy that produces results without unneeded add-ons.

a Rejected Stone is our Ministry dedicated to your Ministries success

We are a Christian SEO company that helps with online marketing. We can help your website show up on search engines, manage your social media, design your website, and attract more customers. Our plans are current, authentic, and cost-effective. We work with small and big businesses and churches. Our team promises to give you results that you can track without any extra costs.

About Us

a Rejected Stone offers customized online marketing services based on faith and Christian values. Our team is creative, fresh, and strategic. We aim to show that great results don’t have to be expensive. Our main goal is to help our clients firmly impact their supporters and future supporters.”

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Who we serve

Our main goal is to serve by putting people first and delivering out-of-ordinary results, following God’s guidance.

We help

  • Churches
  • faith-based businesses
  • Ministries of any size
  • Nonprofit groups

If you have a grand vision to serve God’s kingdom and want to manage your resources well, we offer affordable Christian branding services to help you grow.

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Our services

Put your trust in a Christian SEO Company that cares deeply about the success of your ministry.

Whether looking for an entire marketing department or single services, a Rejected Stone can help with all your marketing needs.

Branding & Marketing

Brand Character
Vision and Mission
Logo Design
Novel & Fresh Campaigns
Digital Marketing Strategies
Faith-Based Marketing

SEO Content Strategy

“White Hat” SEO Techniques

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Local SEO & Technical SEO

Greater Online Prominence

Higher Search Ranking

We are a Christian SEO Company

Social Media Management

Expanded Digital Presence
Positive Brand Portrayal
Target Market Research
Content Creation
Real-Time Dialogue Engagement
Social Media Data Analyzed

Website Design and Development

Vibrant Modern Graphics
UX/UI blending
User-Friendly Designs
Responsive Website Design
SEO Content Fine Tuned
Webhosting with Premium Plugins included

Video Production Services

Pre-Production Planning
Script Creation
Video Enhancements & Special Effects
Music & Audio Elements
Video Editing Services
Video Formatting For Allotment

Business Planning

Growth Consulting
Marketing Advice
Business Plan Forming
Strategic Goal Setting
Company Objectives & Key Performance Index
Public Relations Planning

Modest Budgets. Big Results.

The size of your budget should never limit success; within reason, we’ll always be willing to work with you. We give smaller churches and faith-based businesses the resources they need to thrive without the flashy, big-budget strategies that are all for show. 

In short, we don’t waste your time. And we will never try to sell you something you don’t need. We get down to business so that you can get results and focus on what you do best. Our tailored services will help grow your assembly so that you can spread the Word of God to your area.

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Benefits Of Working With Our Christian SEO Company

Whether you want to start slow or make a dramatic change, we’re here to make the journey easy for you.

Why choose us? Christian SEO Company


●   We have a team of digital marketing experts

●   Free 30-minute initial Zoom meeting

●   Fair and sensible pricing

●   A fixed fee for every project

●   Certified by Google in digital marketing and project management

●   SEO-certified by UC Davis

●  All team members are polished in their areas of expertise

●  Guaranteed refund within 25 days from payment received if unhappy

Let’s Start Writing Your Success Story

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Drive Personal Connection With Target Market Research

We Create Power From Purpose

Purchase being made With Christ at the center of our purpose, our Christian SEO company empowers faith-based ministries to achieve successful growth. Our unique church branding strategies are designed to deliver intentional results, based on target selling that connects to your core audience. 

Along the way, we listen, we learn, and we adapt. If something isn’t working, we fix it.

We give clients the power to:

● Generate new leads

● Take on global blessings

● Improve being seen online

● Maximize existing resources

● Control your brand narrative

● Make data-informed decisions

● Build a business the ethical way

● Establish cost-effective social media strategies

● Recognize and develop new marketing channels

Invest In The Success Of Tomorrow By Taking A Leap Of Faith Today​

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Thrilled aRS client about her Christian branding

We want to be your Faith Based Digital Marketing agency

Let us prove our loyalty to your cause

Even though a Rejected Stone is a relatively new company, Bob, the Christian Project Manager of a Rejected Stone Marketing, has decades of experience helping businesses and non-profits grow and succeed. He firmly believes in the power of marketing. He is committed to using his skills and expertise to help Ministries & companies to reach their target audiences and achieve/exceed their goals. Bob’s specialties are graphic design work, incorporating sociology skills in marketing, and making things run smoothly. Bob is also committed to giving back to the community and his local Church.
Jack Naramore. Christian Digital Marketing

Jack Naramore

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