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Can you fulfill God’s calling and utilize Christian Marketing Strategies?

Stressed out person trying to fulfill her calling and do her own Christian SEO
4-5 minute read. Marketing (if done right) is a full-time job in and of itself, especially when starting out or rebranding yourself. If marketing is not your thing, contact us, we can help.

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Stressed out person trying to fulfill her calling and do her own Christian SEO

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Monday – April 08, 2024

If you stop and think about it, doing one of these things well is not good enough. You must do your work and marketing well to attract people to your Ministry, nonprofit, or business. If marketing is not your thing or you don’t have the time to do it all well, our Ministry is here to help you. We have available Christian copywriters and all forms of SEO, including local Church SEO and Christian marketing strategies, all at a reasonable cost that frees up your time for what you do best plus more you time.

Marketing is a solid part-time job, even more so at the start or when offering a new product or service.  Most marketing agencies today don’t understand the concepts of Ministry. Unless you or a staff member are a marketing professional, there aren’t enough hours in a day to do what you do well and market well.  A house divided against itself will eventually fall. Local Church SEO or business SEO alone will consume almost half or more of your marketing time; that is just one aspect of digital marketing. That’s if you want to do it right to where it will be effective. Our Christian copywriters can make your message POP to the reader.

“Marketing isn’t about closing a sale; it’s about opening a relationship.”   — Mike Kim

Mike Kim – author, business coach, and marketing strategist who specializes in personal branding, product launch strategies, and copywriting

Our Christian Copywriters can bring your Christian Marketing Strategies to life

Whether you’re in Church leadership, on the board of a non-profit organization, or the CEO of your company, that doesn’t (necessarily) make you a good marketer. And that’s OK. For a church, we offer free church advertising advice via email or Zoom call. If you’re reading this, most likely, you weren’t called to be a marketing professional, nor do you have that kind of time to devote to both. You have your God-given talents; use them to the fullest. Allow us to use ours. 

“Let you do what you do best, and let other professionals do what they do best for you.”  Remember this philosophy throughout your ministry for your best chance of success!

You’re most likely expecting me to say I have a proven plan to bring your Ministry to heights you can only dream of. But we’re happy to say that is not the case.  

Our plan for your Ministry doesn’t start until after we talk, and I completely understand your ministry and what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Every Ministry, every location, and every flock is different and needs its story told in a language they understand. When someone tells you they have a marketing plan before meeting you, that is called stereotyping. I find that insulting, and you should, too. How can a Christian copywriter write about you if they don’t know you?

Every Ministry will be treated with respect and dignity at a Rejected Stone. We can only start marketing effectively after we get to know you and understand your Ministry 

Your job is to provide a product or service that solves people’s problems or improves their lives. Our job is to tell your audience about you and ensure that others understand how you want to help them. If you need marketing assistance, we will advise you as if you are dealing with a close friend. Our ministry sincerely wants to help you at a fair and honest cost.  

Jesus Himself was a marketer.  He spent his entire earthly life telling people about the kingdom of God and how they can have their sins forgiven.  That was His whole purpose and reason for coming here—our salvation.   

Our Christian copywriters would like to tell your Ministry’s story in a way that will encourage others to learn more about your product or service. Then we can handle your Christian SEO services including local church SEO so people can find you on a search engines. The creative people in our Christian marketing strategies department are equipted to get your message to as many people who need your product or service as possible.

In conclusion:

Your Ministry, whether a Church, a non-profit, or a business, is a full-time job. I’m sure that is not news to you.  

Marketing can be very time-consuming if you want the best long-term results. We have the necessary expertise to do all the tedious research and implement it for a fair price.  We are here to help your ministry grow significantly over time, whatever your needs.  

My job as project manager is to ensure that the job is completed on time and within budget. I will be your contact person throughout the project, from start to finish. I also perform Christian SEO or search engine optimization to fine-tune and maintain your website visibility.  We also have talented people for other tasks such as branding, social media, UI / UX Christian copywriting, graphic design work, and individuals with web design expertise.  If interested, we can also see about having top Christian social media influencers help expand your reach. 

I found this article by Mike Kim entitled “Why It’s NOT Wrong To Market Your Ministry.”  You may want to check it out. I never met Mr. Kim, but he and I take a very similar approach to our Ministries and business, but he’s much better at public speaking than I.

Together, we can do this!

Learn more about us by visiting our website

a REJECTED STONE is a full-service Christian Marketing company that offers Christian copywriter, SEO, and Social Media Marketing services that empower non-profits, ministries, and businesses to make a lasting impact through effective, faith-based digital marketing, direct mail marketing for Churches, and free church advertising advice via email. Our Christian Marketing companies can offer you as much or as little as your Ministry needs to thrive. Get in touch with us today! Please email us at talktous at arejectedstone dot com if you have any questions.

Professional Christian Copywriters available to polish your web presence

I’m Bob Taylor, and I approved this message by writing it.


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