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Can a Christian Internet Marketing Company help your Church grow?

Family standing in front of their Church—a Rejected Stone, a Christian Internet Marketing company
4-5 minute read. a Rejected Stone is dedicated to utilizing our marketing skills to help Ministries of all types expand their outreach. We can help in ways non-Christian companies won’t understand.

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Family standing in front of their Church—a Rejected Stone, a Christian Internet Marketing company

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Wednesday – March 13, 2024

Can a Christian Internet Marketing Company help your Church grow? Should Christianity and marketing coexist?

The answer is YES! It also depends on how you define “Marketing.” Christianity and marketing can and should co-exist; allow me to explain.

For example, marketing in a retail environment may include things such as “25% off all shirts today only” or “get them while supplies last because once they’re gone, they’re gone.” These are a few examples of how retailers might entice people to shop at their store instead of the other guy.

Christianity and marketing is quite different for a Church, retail type of marketing would not be acceptable. A Church is not a business and, therefore, can and should not be treated as such.

So, how can I attract new attendees to our Services? The answer is that, just as retail marketing is mainly bold, brash, and loud, a Church must be equal to and opposite of that.

Suppose a scenario where the Smith family, consisting of a father, mother, and two daughters, has recently moved into your town from a different state or country. They have settled into their new home and are searching for a local Church to join. What reasons would you give them to consider your Church?

A Christian Internet Marketing company like a Rejected Stone has a firm understanding of Church people’s needs and wants in a way that a secular company wouldn’t understand at best and hostile towards at worst. Yes, it does happen. I’ve seen where some worldly web designers and writers can sometimes want you not to be successful. Or, equally as bad, non-believers think the concept of the Church is stupid and, therefore, will take your money and put little effort into the project. After all, what’s the point, they think? I’m not necessarily saying this behavior is intentionally done; it may be subconscious, but it’s not good news for your Church either way. Stick with equally yoked individuals, and it almost always works better.

In this scenario, the Smiths will most likely do an internet search for a Church to attend. Given that 93% of online searches are done through Google, that is a reasonable place to start. Will your Church be one of the first they see, or will they have to hunt for you? Or worse, they may never know you exist.

Today, a website is a must for any organization that wants people to know more about them and how they can help.

Some organizations have their Facebook page as their website. We can help you do this if you are inclined, but I strongly advise against it. Having a free Facebook page as your introduction subconsciously sends a wrong impression to most people. If this organization has that little confidence in itself, why should I have confidence in them? We can put together a Christian web designs or redesign to make your Church standout.

Suppose you have the talent in your Church to produce professional, modern-looking Christian web designs; great. Let’s get your site up and running as soon as possible. If that is not the case, I strongly advise you to have a professional do your web design, preferably one who knows how to code.

Why is that so important, especially since they have website kits where anyone can build a site just by dragging and dropping, or so the commercials say? This is true, technically. The problem is having a nonprofessional do something that looks immature hurts you more in the long run. In today’s fast-paced world, a person looks at your website and forms a positive or negative impression in under eight seconds. If that impression turns negative, then off to the following site.

Combining Christianity and marketing will give your Church a far more sincere and authentic feel that secular digital marketers can not provide.

If your Church already has a website, ask yourself some tough and honest questions concerning it, such as:

  • Is the Church’s message being delivered in a friendly, inviting, and modern-looking way? This is important, especially among the younger crowd. You want as many young families as possible.
  • Are there pictures of the congregation looking like they want to be there or just there?
  • Do pictures of the Pastor and elders look inviting, friendly, or unapproachable? Can people email these individuals directly with private questions or prayer requests?
  • Does your About Us page list your primary beliefs in a way a novice can understand and not be intimidated by? Our Christian web designs professionals can be a big help with this. Also, are the services you offer to the community listed here? What about your Missionaries and Church plants?
  • Is your address and phone number easily visible, and do people have a way to contact the Church if they have questions? Don’t forget to include service times.

When it comes to marketing in general, never discount the value of having a second set of eyes to look over and give feedback about your Christian web designs. If you pick people who don’t have a direct relationship with your ministry, you’d be surprised by what they will point out that you may not have noticed. It is why all good authors always have a team of proofreaders on hand. Let our Christian Internet marketing company and Christian web designs professionals point out things to you that could make a big difference.

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a REJECTED STONE is a full-service Christian Internet Marketing company that offers Christian Social Media Marketing services that empowers non-profits, ministries, and businesses to make a lasting impact through effective, faith-based digital marketing, direct mail marketing for Churches and Christian freelance writing jobs. Our Christianity and marketing companies can offer you as much or as little as your Ministry needs to thrive. Get in touch with us today! Please email us at talktous at arejectedstone dot com if you have any questions. 

I’m Bob Taylor, and I approved this message by writing it.


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