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Bob in reception area in a suit
Just FYI, I rarely dress like this.. Most of the time I'm in Jeans and a shirt, but the Mrs. says its always wise to make a good first impression.

About Me

Hello there, my name is Bob Taylor, and welcome to my Christian marketing agency.

My role at a rejected stone is Project Manager, which means I do nothing and everything simultaneously. I am your contact for any of your marketing projects. I’m your guy, from creating Creative Christian business names to Christian web hosting. I’ve been at this since the mid-‘90s, with plenty of experience designing websites and doing graphic design work. I aim to ensure everything is done right the first time, on time, and budget. 

Now that I’m retired, I’ve decided to utilize my God-given talents to further God’s kingdom by helping ministries and Christian businesses flourish. Our entire team is comprised of highly experienced and talented individuals dedicated to the a rejected stone ministry, measuring our success by the success we bring to your ministry.

On a more personal note .....

Texas outline showing approximately the location for Kerrville

I’m currently based in Kerrville, Texas. I’m happily married with two grown children, two grandsons, and one golden retriever, Holly. In my off time, I enjoy playing tennis, golf, cooking, baking, woodworking, and growing citrus (but not necessarily in that order!)

Church marketing agency — Creative Christian business names — Christian web hosting — a rejected stone

So, why should you work with me?

●   I’m hardworking, reliable, and easy to work with. 

●   I have Google certifications in digital marketing, project management, and AI essentials 

●   I possess certification from UC Davis in SEO and Content Marketing

●  This Church marketing agency is new, and I’m willing to work hard for your total and complete satisfaction.

●  We offer a 25-day money-back guarantee if you have buyer’s remorse, regardless of how much time and resources we have invested.

●  All work is billed fairly and by the job. No hourly or daily rate = no surprises!


In essence, my team and I are not afraid to get our hands dirty, diving deep into research and marketing analytics. Your success is my utmost priority. 

team in office at Church Marketing Agency—a Rejected Stone
Let our team polish your marketing presence to show you in the best possible light—. Eliminate the ugly, repurpose the bad, and highlight the good.

Valuable Insight

When selling real estate, I learned one valuable point about marketing. If you’re trying to sell a parcel of land, and this parcel has an obvious flaw, and the flaw can’t reasonably be fixed, you only have two options.

You can try and hide the flaw and hope they don’t notice it


You can creatively repurpose the flaw from a negative to a positive.  You could turn that ugly pit into a child’s play place or perhaps an outdoor picnic area with a barbecue.

Our professionals will analyze what’s currently going on in your ministry, keeping all the good things, trying our best to reverse the bad things, and eliminating all the ugly. We’re ready to repurpose what you have and make it into something amazing!

We’re a brand-new Christian Digital Marketing Agency ready to go above and beyond for your 5-star review.

Our agency is on a divine mission, and we’ll work for you as if working for the Lord. Our marketing team is ready to go the extra mile (and maybe even walk on water!). Not satisfied? No worries! We offer a 25-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy for any reason. 

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Take Your First Step Towards Successful Growth

Our #1 goal is to help your ministry or business increase its website traffic by creating an exceptional user experience.

Church marketing agency — Creative Christian Business Names — Christian Web Hosting — a rejected stone
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Church Growth Strategies – how messed up is that?

You can use business for the good of all or the greed of a few. I started this Christian online marketing agency because I saw a much-needed service for Christian entrepreneurs and Ministries; A well-informed faith based marketing companies that serves God before clients and clients before self.

Church Branding Agency meeting discussing the business plan and marketing plan
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What Motivates You To Be A Business Starter?

Marketing is what we do and we want to help you succeed. The same motivation that you have for your business we share in that. Working hard to bring others success is our Church marketing company Ministry.

A family photo take at the beach. a Rejected Stone - Christian web design
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Balancing Faith And Business: Infusing Christian SEO Values In Your Marketing Strategy

Building a legacy. Has it been your heart’s desire to start something positive now that continues on long after you’re gone? Don’t wait until its too late. God put you here for a reason.

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