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“Starting a new Ministry without a Christianity and Marketing team can sometimes seem like you’re all alone on the road—you are not sure where it’s taking you.”

Our Christianity and marketing team, including the RJ Taylor SEO Company, are here for you, so you don’t have to go alone. Whether you need the art of church growth, non-profit fundraising, or your business branding, we’ve got you covered.  We have the digital marketing know-how to help your Ministry reach its full potential.

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Our free initial meet-and-greet video call is where it all starts. Or, if you prefer communicating via email, that’s OK, too. Let us know how we can help your Church, non-profit, or business Ministry grow. I’d be humbled and delighted to offer any Christianity and marketing advice.

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When we present our finished product for review, if approved, we’ll put into action the plan to ensure can be done and boost your brand’s credit. This doesn’t happen on its own. It takes much planning and work behind the scenes to make it happen.  This is the art of Church growth and business, too.

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We can provide you with quality marketing services at a fair cost.  Or if you need advice on something, that’s OK too. We’re your marketing team here when you need us.  The R. J. Taylor SEO Company can customize a master plan well-suited to your goals

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“Innovative Digital Marketing

Traditional Christian Values”


a Rejected Stone and the RJ Taylor SEO Company will be with you

Taking on a worldly marketing group could worsen things if you’re heading a Christian ministry or business. Christianity and marketing must be equally yoked to ensure that your message sounds and looks sincere to the people you’re trying to reach.  

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Begin your rightful path to wealthy growth with the help of our Christian/Church marketing agency

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Our Christianity and Marketing services

Marketing with purpose
inspired by faith

You may need all these Christian digital marketing services or just one or two.
Either way, it is quite good; our goal is to help your ministry succeed!
Icon - Website Development — RJ Taylor SEO Company

Modernize your website

● Think of your website as your digital storefront

● The perfect platform to promote your plan

● The rewards way outweigh the costs

● Church growth, non-profit fundraising, branding

● If the site moves them, they’ll read on

Icon - Logo Catchphrase symbol. R. J. Taylor SEO company

Logo and catchphrase

● The basis of your identity

● Name, Logo, and Catchphrase = their first judgement

● Make it fresh and unique This makes you renowned for many years

● All three should match your company’s nature

Icon - SEO — RJ Taylor SEO Company

Search Engine Optimazation

● It gives your site visibility

● It is a meager cost, considering what it delivers

● RJ Taylor SEO company will get you noticed

● Hopefully, your competition will ignore this part

● RJ Taylor SEO company experts in all forms of SEO

Icon video production

Video and Voiceovers

● If a picture can convey a thousand words

● a skillfully crafted video can do ten times better

● If done right, a video surpasses the written word

● aRS has UX writers available to write your script

● Voice-over is available for animated videos

Icon - Christianity and marketing blogs. — RJ Taylor SEO Company

UI / UX / Blog Writing

● User Interface helps people interact better

● User Experience writers word descriptively

● Blogs show both people and Google you are an expert

● In marketing, how you describe matters

● RJ Taylor SEO company helps Google find it

Icon for Social Media / Christianity and Marketing

Social Media

● Social media gives you a whole new audience

● Many platforms available

● It can be organic (free) or paid advertising

● Professional social media designers are available

● RJ Taylor SEO company helps blend with your site

Icon - Paid advertising — RJ Taylor SEO Company

Paid Digital Marketing

● Many options available

● Can offer a short-term boost to your marketing

● We’ll go over and discuss all options

The art of Church growth through e-mail marketing

Email Advertising

The good news:

● Great option to stay in contact with your supporters

● Meager cost per message

The bad news:

● Scam artists have hijacked this medium

● I don’t recommend it as a way to expand your reach

Icon - Postcards — RJ Taylor SEO Company

Traditional Advertising

● For local ministries and businesses

● Don’t be afraid to go old school

● Custom-designed postcards by aRS are effective

●Reach every address that digital can’t

Faceless people graphic depticing a team of marketing experts. The art of Church growth is their focus

Christian Marketing Advice​

Are you struggling with faith-based advertising?

Do you need a fresh perspective to identify problems and come up with solutions?

We are here to help!

Our committed team at a Rejected Stone and RJ Taylor SEO Company is ready to offer our support and guidance to help you succeed. Simply send us an email at talktous@arejectedstone.com with "Need advice" in the subject line, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The more information you can provide the better we can assist you. And if I cannot answer, I'm sure that someone on our team can. Don't let advertising woes hinder your success. Contact us today, and let us help you take the first step toward your goals.

Why we serve—R. J. Taylor SEO company

Our Procedure

In all my experiences over the years, I believe there is no “Standard Operating Procedure” when it comes to Digital Marketing. Every Ministry, both for and non-profit, has personalities. These personalities are an essential factor in forming the brand. For example, we start by determining whether our message should be deadly serious, light-hearted, humorous, factual, or maybe purposely crossing into the ridiculous. This tone sets your brand’s identity. And that tone must remain consistent throughout. Very important. We help you succeed further for a cost that is always fair and reasonable. All with a 25-day money-back guarantee if you disagree.

Digital Marketing is not a one-and-done practice. People change and Fades come and go. Your Ministry’s marketing must not only keep up but needs to keep ahead. This process requires both expertise and patience.

Who we serve


Our Service Industries


If your Church needs to extend its outreach to increase membership, or perhaps you’re trying to raise funds for a missionary or other worthwhile cause, we can help you get the word out.  That’s the art of Church growth.

Non-profit Ministries

Frankly, I can’t think of a better example of Christian love for one another than some of the not-for-profit organizations around today. My Christian Marketing Company can help you maximize your efforts.

Business owners

Doing business where you’re equally yoked makes a big difference. Your business is a Ministry providing a needed product or service and helping your associates put food on their tables. You offer a double-edged Ministry that the Lord has blessed you with. Although I can’t guarantee success, I assure you that my team and I will do all our power to help you achieve maximum benefit for your marketing resources.

Marketing your ministry online needs a solid foundation upon which to build. The stronger your foundation, the less your headaches will be later. a Rejected Stone understands this very well. That’s why we spend much time and energy ensuring it’s done correctly.

When AI Meets Christian Digital Marketing

AI may be here to change the game, but we’re ready to raise the stakes*

The rise of artificial intelligence is coming, and some may say it’s already here. However, the key to successful AI integration lies in working with AI instead of against it.

As AI gains more traction within the digital marketing landscape, our team will work with you to incorporate tailored AI strategies to deliver the desired results. The best part is that using AI doesn’t mean losing the human touch. When utilized correctly, it can elevate your brand's personality as you leverage modern AI technologies' exciting possibilities.

AI hand and Human hand reaching for each other. Does AI belong in Faith based marketing?

* We at a Rejected Stone realize that artificial intelligence is very controversial. Honestly, I can understand why some people shun this concept. If fallen into the wrong hands, it could have devastating consequences.

Full disclosure: I have used AI in the past on roughly 2-3 percent of my writing and graphic displays as of this writing. In the future, I suspect these numbers will increase. We do this for the sole reason of helping our clients succeed better.

But we will never sacrifice the human touch in anything we do. That, you have my (our) promise.

If you want us to refrain from using any form of AI on your project(s), we will honor and respect your direction.

Man writing in a journal siting at his desk. Caption reading "Some Blog Posts that May Interest you to go with our web design Christian group and Christian marketing strategies
Illustration showing two homes for sale. One is broken down, one is polished and ready to show. "Which house reminds you the most about your website's homepage?"
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How Do You Make Your Site Outshine The Other Guys?

Compared to previous generations, marketing today is both easier and harder at the same time. It’s easier because now we can market to someone on another continent as efficiently as our neighbor. It’s harder because our competition is so much more.

Hockey players in intense game play. Christian Marketing Company plays to win —fairly.
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Successful Marketing Is What Drives Us – Part 2

One of Hockey’s all-time best, Wayne Gretzky, once had a great quote divulging his secret for career success. Like hockey, good business marketing involves much thought and planning, not merely guessing. Great business marketing starts with a good business marketing plan and adds the ability to adopt as needs change quickly.

"Illustration shows "DAD" as a used car salesman of the 1970s and "SON" of current day using the same sales techniques that his dad used to sell cars to promote his digital marketing business. This is why hiring a Christian graphic designer is so important."
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Successful Marketing Is What Drives Us – Part 1

The top illustration symbolizes the used car salesman of 1970 something. A very slick fellow who could glamorize just about anything with the right words. The bottom picture represents the new generation of sales professional with all the right words.

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