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What motivates you to be a business starter?

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3-4 minute read. Marketing is what we do and we want to help you succeed. The same motivation that you have for your business we share in that. Working hard to bring others success is our Church marketing company Ministry.

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What is it that drives you to want to start your own business? What are your goals and desires to lead? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions are not clear-cut and very diverse. Our Christian web designer team can help you sort it all out.

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If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are a Christian who is either a small – to medium-sized business owner or one whose role is to become one. Or perhaps you need a digital marketing company that understands your needs and possible budget constraints. And that’s excellent news; you’re one of the 10.1% of self-employed Americans today. Moreover, entrepreneurism has been growing almost every year over the past 10.  

As Church Branding Professionals, you must consider yourself a consumer. Two things that all businesses have in common are 1) you must consistently (well, most of the time) show a profit for your labor and 2) supply the consumer with the products or services they need/want. Your main goal as a Christian business owner is to do where God is leading and, second, to help your fellow man solve a problem or concern in his or her life.

I’ve noticed over the years the importance of that first impression. And yes, that’s always been important; I understand that. But, it is more true today than it ever has.

Going back 40 years ago, before an “online to speak of,” starting a small business was much more cut-and-dry. You opened a storefront or started a service business; your customer base was primarily your hometown or county. Sometimes, even surrounding counties, especially if you were mainly in rural environments. You knew who your competition was, and your primary advertising methods were the Yellow Pages, direct mail, print advertising (primarily newspapers), and perhaps radio. If a new competitor moved in on your territory, you knew about it and could plan accordingly.

Your competition could come from anywhere—literally! Your, let’s say, hardware store competes with any big box store, not to mention the on-slot of online competitors threatening your existence. Today, you might find yourself in competition here and in foreign countries worldwide. The service industry may not have most of these problems, but they’re not immune either. The service industry has the most significant rate of new startups. More startups in your field mean two obvious drawbacks for you, the business owner. 1) the increased competition and 2) a decreased labor pool. This is why hiring a professional Christian website designer is critical today. You want to come out on top, not just one in the crowd.

What’s bad for some is good news for others. Most people selling products today also have an increased audience for their goods.  

Getting back to my original point, the importance of the first impression. With the increased competition that most businesses face today. In Marketing and Christian website designer, I’ve found that people decide what company to deal with in seconds. The big mistake that I see small businesses make today is to put much effort into their website and digital advertising, making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed perfectly. This thought process is a big waste of time and effort. Instead, focus on your primary competitors. Make it your goal to be just 1% better than they are. Our Christian websit designer is here to help and analyze so you can focus on what you do best. This philosophy will save you money and time while obtaining the same rewards.  

By studying your competition and understanding the wants and needs of your (future) clients, you will come out ahead. This philosophy is the basis of a Rejected Stone Christian marketing company method. We call it our 1% rule, and we can make it work for you too. Yes, all this research is very time-consuming and (for most people) not very exciting. But, it will pay off for you through slow and steady growth. Christian SEO services expert keyword research and weaving that into your digital presence will also help significantly.  

Marketing, along with Christian web designer and our SEO Services expert, is what we do. It’s our business and our Ministry to help you succeed, so hopefully, you likewise can bring success to others. This is our Ministry to you.

Today, tending to grow your Ministry or product or services company is a full-time job in itself. Keeping an eye on your competitors and being 1% ahead of them at all times will leave you no time to enjoy your life. All for a reasonable cost, we have a team consisting of Christian website designers, SEO services experts, and Church branding and business branding service professionals standing by, ready to help.

Our Christian website designers can give your site that fresh and inviting look that provides people with confidence in your ministry

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a REJECTED STONE is a full-service Church Branding company that empowers non-profits, Ministries, and businesses to make a lasting impact through effective Christian website designer team. We also offer full Christian SEO services expert research so we can help in all aspects of digital marketing. Get in touch with us today! Please email us at talktous at arejectedstone dot com if you have any questions. 

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