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Human Centered. A new marketing concept? ….. REALLY!

Friends taking a selfie. Christian Logo Design
4-5 minute read. Marketing is more than just numbers. It’s about connecting with people, designing the right Christian logo, and taking the time to understand their wants and needs, not merely selling them something and moving on to the next guy. This way of doing business is our cornerstone and is how friendships develop, and customer loyalty runs deep.

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Friends taking a selfie

How will our digital marketing approach for Churches, Ministries, businesses, and Christian logo design best help you in the long run?

Saturday – March 04, 2023

Human Centered. A new marketing concept? ….. REALLY!

This month, I decided to look more closely at individual business/non-profit marketing components. You may ask, How important is a Christian logo design, why do I need Church branding, or when is Christian graphic design important to use? So, what is this necessity of forming strong/sincere business relationships that we refer to as human-centered design? 

I believe that man today (as a whole) has an intense hunger. A hunger that is longing to be satisfied for the sake of the quality of all our lives. That hunger is the greater need for (non-digital) friendship.

I’m not referring to friendship as people you occasionally make small talk with or necessarily individuals you may see from time to time. And not the type of friendship found only via a keyboard. 

I’m referring to the type of friendship you can hug when called for. It is the kind of relationship where you can discuss anything and get good, sound advice without being judged or ridiculed. This person could be a relative or a male or female close friend. It might even be a spouse, but even that shouldn’t be taken for granted nowadays—sad but true.

If you don’t have such a person you trust to that level, I think you are in the majority today, which alarms me. It seems like everything is tearing us apart today and dividing us. The fundamental scary part is that the wealthiest are fanning these flames and using our division to gain power.

I may be one of those annoying “the glass is half full” people, but I believe that society has crossed the line and gotten so ridiculous that a defiant revival from the majority is coming. To be clear, my definition of the majority here is all adults and their families who work each day to feed and care for their families, adults who play by the rules and live decent lives.

These people are the majority, whether they know it or not. Ethnicity and gender have nothing to do with what I’m talking about. Work hard, play by the rules, and not financially rely on others for survival.

It has nothing to do with it in some aspects and plenty in others. I run my marketing company in a very Human-Centered format. In my group, I see it in the way they create a Christian logo, the time and effort put into church branding, and the creative Christian graphic designs.

Christian logos and other marketing all play a vital part—they are all very important. A Christian logo is a symbol that people will associate with your product or service. Branding for churches is your marketing plan that sets realistic goals and timelines that keep your ministry moving forward. Unique Christian graphic design makes your website look modern and fresh.

Another aspect of marketing is being where people are looking for you. How to market your Church for growth and digital marketing usually accomplishes this by using “key phrases.” When people are searching for your product or service online, they generally use a search engine. Search engines pick up keywords or phrases from your site to determine what it’s about and whether it would suit them well enough to recommend your site by giving it a higher ranking. Machine algorithms do this process, which is generally called Search Engine Optimization. Picking and using the right keywords wisely will help your Ministry quite a bit. Digital marketing for Churches depends on this for more success. But, to be clear, picking the right keywords is just one aspect of SEO.

Some Human-Centered Design Examples are reflected in how I treat my clients respectfully and sincerely. I sincerely want to help them succeed. However, it’s not my job per se; I made this my Ministry. I will work hard to earn your trust and become your business’s marketing advisor (hopefully) for many years. Whether you inquire about church branding / boost attendance, digital marketing for non-profits, or how Christian graphic design Christian logos can help you. My team and I will do our best to get you answers as quickly as possible.

I refuse to use tricks or gimmicks to deceive people in any way purposely.  Nor do I like giving money to organizations that don’t have good family values.  Our policy goes for my clients and how I market your products and services to your customers.  In short, I conduct business by a solid Christian standard.  In the marketing profession, it is sometimes called “White Hat.”  Before contacting me to help with your company’s marketing, please consider all this.  I earn my money by working hard with no shame or guilt whatsoever.  If this sounds how you want to conduct business also, please reach out to me.  I’m excited about helping you year after year to grow your business. But, of course, it’s a fool’s game if you want to get rich by any means possible.

Business today is challenging and getting more complex as time goes on. I haven’t even discussed taxes, increased competition, or government regulations. Oh my!

a Rejected Stone is a marketing company that practices a Human-Centered Design approach to business. It’s our focus to explain how important a Christian logo is a pictorical symbol of your ministry or business, how important it is to have a solid church branding or how impressed people will be with your creative Christian graphic design. This attitude means I treat my clients and your customers respectfully and do not try to trick them into purchasing anything. All this comes with a total money-back guarantee if you change your mind within the first 25 days, regardless of how much work and expense I put into your project. Instead, I will present my product or service for a fair price, and the rest is up to you. For now, please visit the rest of our site to learn more. If you have any marketing or design-type questions, please email me directly at talktous @ arejectedstone.com.

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More to come in my April blog. Next time, I’ll elaborate more in-depth on what it takes to start a business and how human-centered factors into that.

So please comment and let me know your thoughts, either pros or cons.

Robert J Taylor
Project Manager
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