Five reasons why your Christian Marketing plan should abandon the Marketing Funnel

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4-5 minute read. Christian digital marketing of today has to go beyond just having a better product or charging less for your service. Both are important, but long-term marketing success sprouts from one-on-one relationships.

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Christian Digital marketing doesn’t follow the old rules—anymore.

Friday – December 29, 2023

Pop quiz: Of the people mentioned below, how many of them do you know by name?

  • Your mail person
  • The person who hauls away your weekly trash
  • Your Federal Express and UPS man
  • Your neighbors
  • Your kid’s friends or co-workers’ spouses

If you didn’t score very well*, this is something you may want to improve upon. Getting used to talking to people in your life will help you tremendously in Ministry and Christian digital marketing. Showing appreciation for others around you not only lifts their spirits, but I think you’ll find it also positively affects you. It may not be the foundation of a Christian marketing company, but it would be in the second or third.

Until these past few years, the Marketing Funnel has been the standard operating procedure for selling almost any product or service. This practice becomes even more accurate the more extensive the organization evolves.

The traditional sales/marketing funnel.  Its time to think differently about Christian Digital Marketing

As you can see from the above illustration, a vast majority of the work is devising a way to manipulate others to purchase something from you, and only if they do will they seek to get to know the client better. With this Christian digital marketing team, this is backward thinking to us.

The Marketing or Sales funnel is an excellent tool for organizations whose only existence is to make more money quickly. If this is the case, I encourage you to learn more about how the sales funnel works and apply it to what you do, but we’re most likely not the marketing team you’re looking for.

Our way of thinking is different. Our Christian marketing team practices Handshake Marketing, and we believe it’s a far better, more long-range way of doing business. Here are the five steps in how we accomplish this:

. It starts with building relationships. Instead of getting as much revenue from our customers as possible, Our Christian digital marketing concept emphasizes building more lasting relationships. Get to know people on a first-name basis (if that is Okay with them). Find out their needs and how to adapt to make them a reality. 

. Personalization is paramount. Question: Do you ever feel valued when you receive an email from a company addressing you as a “Dear valued customer”? Or, here’s an example email from one of our suppliers: “Hey Bob, Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a big thanks from all of us at (Company X). Your support means the world to us.” This form is also a generic message but doesn’t feel generic. It’s warm and welcoming. See the difference? This method is what our Christian Marketing company strives for.

3. Make your customers feel appreciated. Customers you make feel special will be loyal and stay with you. (Remember our pop quiz?) You may want to give them a freebie once in a while or offer quality advice when they need it. Perhaps they need your expertise or point of view to think through a problem. And don’t forget loyalty programs/discounts. The more they see you as a friend or ally, the longer they will stick around.

4. Take good notes. Your memory may not be as good as you think. Ensure each customer has a separate file that you can access quickly. This file contains information to continue a previous conversation from weeks or months ago. Info such as Jim mentioned he was taking an Idaho vacation the last time you communicated. When you converse next, you can say, “Oh, BTW, how did things go in Idaho?” Or ask Mary about her new grandson; you get the point. Personalization, Personalization, Personalization; it goes a long way. This step is an investment in time that will pay off in your Christian digital marketing.

5. And ends with maintaining relationships. Getting a new client is always exciting, but retaining one is even better, using fewer resources. We can devise a plan to make sure these relationships last a lifetime and attract new interests. As your Christian marketing company team, we can outline all this for you.

In some organizations, the Market/sales funnel approach to marketing works. But we feel that you’ll find our handshake method much better for your Church, non-profit, or small business. Yeah, there’s a bit more work and patience needed, and yes, we recognize exceptions to every rule, but the long-term results are far better.

The funnel approach is a one-time transaction that sees the trees, but you will see the forest because your clients will be in a continuous loop.

*If you didn’t score well in our Pop Quiz, take heart. Most people today don’t do well at it. But, if you do and put an apparent effort into it, you’ll see what a boost it can give you.

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I’m Bob Taylor, and I approved this message by writing it.


Until then, Happy New Year!

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