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How to Develop a Brand Management Strategy

Business associates planning a Christian Branding strategy
4-5 minute read. The truth is that a good brand management strategy is not always hard work. However, it is very time-consuming and sometimes somewhat frustrating, especially if you're like me, enjoy planning marketing strategies, and want the job done right.

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Christian branding combined with a local church SEO or business SEO is a winning strategy.

Business man and woman plotting a brand management strategy on a whiteboard.  a Rejected Stone, a Christian Marketing company
Planning an effective Christian branding management strategy is not always hard work, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating sometimes. But regardless, it is oh so necessary. Book marketing consultants are here to help your Ministry

May 18, 2023

Your Christian branding management strategy says much about your business, non-profit, or Ministry. Or, perhaps you’re looking for local church SEO to increase membership. It communicates who you are, what you do, and how you do it to current and potential customers, donors, and members. A creative Christian agency will help you get the most from your marketing dollar.

In essence, your organization’s Christian branding sends a message to the marketplace. This message is why it’s so important to have an effective brand management strategy in place. After all, you want to make sure the message that customers get when interacting with your organization is one you want them to hear. Our creative Christian company, a Rejected Stone, can help with all these concerns.

Managing your brand is a process in which you evaluate how your organization and its product or service offerings are perceived in the market. What you do next depends on the findings from this brand analysis process.

If you are happy with the way the market perceives your organization, you respond by doing more of the same. You may also develop a strategy to take your brand to the next level, such as advertising more frequently in an effective marketing channel to drive additional awareness. 

If there are aspects of your organization’s Christian branding perception that you would like to tweak, you need to make necessary adjustments. For example, if the market perceives your HVAC services company as too expensive, you’ll need to strategize how to appear more affordable or demonstrate why you’re worth your price. This selling know-how is where our Christian Marketing company or content marketing for Churches can offer valuable input into how to put all this together.

Whether you’re looking for a Christian marketing company for your small business or startup, Content marketing for Churches, or a Book marketing consultant—we’ve got you covered.

Your brand comprises many aspects of your business, non-profit, or Ministry. Branding is your organization’s look, touch, and feel in the marketplace. Key brand components include your organization’s:

  • Logo,
  • Name and tagline,
  • Products, services, and their pricing;
  • Brand voice, meaning the tone your organization uses in its communication with customers;
  • Storefront design, including your physical storefront and your website or online store;
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns; and
  • Social media presence.

There may be other elements that affect an organization’s brand perception, too. A great example is retail giant Best Buy’s IT support team, the Geek Squad. 

Best Buy executives knew that many of its customers find the technology they purchase from the big box store intimidating to set up when buying it or challenging to fix when they have a problem. They also knew that sometimes, the ease and speed at which their IT support workers solve problems might make customers slightly embarrassed.

Tech support specialist for a Christian Marketing company

So, Best Buy came up with a solution. First, they branded—and, in good fun, belittled— their IT support workers by naming them the Geek Squad. Then, they took the branding further by making Geek Squad members wear pressed, short-sleeved white shirts with thin black ties. These elements have positioned Best Buy’s fast, problem-solving IT support team as tech geeks. 

When the Geek Squad fixes a customer’s computer quickly, the customer doesn’t think, “Why couldn’t I figure that out?” Instead, they think, “No wonder they solved my problem so fast—they’re geeks who live and breathe all things tech!”

When businesses, non-profits, and Ministries come to us for help managing your brand, we start by evaluating everything your organization puts out to the marketplace. We read customer feedback, look at your competitors’ actions, and provide you with our brand analysis. 

Once we have analyzed your brand, we meet with you to discuss our findings and get your feedback. We identify the aspects of your brand you like and find ways to capitalize on them. And if there are details of your brand you don’t like, we devise ways to fix them.

Finally, we work on forming an ongoing brand management plan by creating a brand style guide. This guide will determine how your brand will be consistently represented in the future, including the tagline, colors, images, graphics, writing tone, and writing style you’ll use moving forward.

If You Don’t Manage Your Brand, You Risk Letting Your Brand Manage Itself

Your brand will send a message to your audience whether you like it or not. That message may be great at times, and at other times, it may be less favorable. The critical thing to realize is that people will form opinions on your organization based on the content you publish and their experiences with you.

a Rejected Stone would be honored and humbled to be your Christian Marketing company We have experts on our team who can help in all forms of Christian branding for your group. Our book marketing consultants can help you promote that new Christian bestseller. Other Ministries, such as our content marketing for Churches, are here to serve you and your churchgoers.

This blog was written by Karen, our team’s new freelance business writer

Learn more about us by visiting our website or contact us. We’d love to hear from you! 


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