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Sociology and Marketing. Does understanding one bolster the other?

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5-7 minute read. In my opinion, Sociology is to Marketing what flour is to bread. Sociology isn't the only ingredient, but understanding people and trends is the foundation of Ministry Marketing.

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Simply put, Sociology is the Foundation of Marketing and church SEO.

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July 07, 2023

First, What is the definition of Christian Internet Marketing/SEO for churches, and how does it differ from Sales and e-commerce? They have similarities, obviously, but they are very different. The sales process is (usually) straightforward. I have a product or service and will talk to someone who already needs what I’m selling. So, at this point, the question is whether the potential customer should buy from Merchant A or B. It usually comes down to price and who would be willing to offer a better delivery time. But also, don’t overlook attitude. Attitude can be even more decisive when a customer decides between merchant A or B. In most cases, even more so than price and convenience. I’ll get into this further in a future blog post.

Some good examples of Christian Web Design and SEO for churches utilizing sociology and marketing would be:

Real Estate– A regular Real estate agent is not a Marketer; the property he’s showing you will either sell itself or not. Their expertise mainly deals with correctly filling out all the paperwork and helping find financial assistance. A big department store salesperson– you [probably] already know what you need when you arrive. You see it, you buy it, and you leave. Of course, many other examples exist, but you understand the concept.

The sale is the end goal with Christian Web Design and church SEO, but there’s much more to it on the front end. Marketing companies use tools such as Christian SEO, SEO for Churches and other marketing talents to produce the desired result. It will introduce what you’re all about to potential followers and show them how it can improve their lives. They didn’t even know they needed your product or service until you told them all the benefits and features designed by Christian web designers and SEO for churches and how happy they’ll be after the sale.

A Great Example – How Pharmaceuticals Use Sociology and Marketing

A great example of marketing is the Pharmaceutical industry. All those well-made (and costly) TV commercials you see all the time telling you that you could have this disease and not even know it. But lucky for you, we have a pill to fix it. But we don’t stop there. Curing the illness or masking its symptoms is one thing. Some people will say ho-hum. But, go a step further and tell people they can help tame the disease, and you could also lose weight. Some people have lost up to 20 pounds. Understanding sociology, you have now generated an enthusiasm for the product that didn’t exist. Tell your doctor you want to try Medication X. It could save your life! I can imagine how much doctors cringe when these commercials come on. Christian Web Design companies work differently; we don’t trade short-term success for possible headaches and ruin later.

Another – Denim Jeans

The jeans market (or, as my Mother called them, dungarees) has been an excellent example of this over the decades. For those old enough to remember, “bell-bottom” jeans were the main craze in the 1960s. This fade was a smidgen before my time, but I faintly remember the tail end of it.  

But, in the early-mid 1970s, a trend sweeping across Europe called Designer Jeans affected primarily females of childbearing years but some guys too. Traditional American jeans like Wrangler, Levi’s, and Lee were tossed aside for this new breed of jeans makers 

America wants in on the action

Once Americans saw this marketing trend in Europe and its strength, they knew they had to bring it here. 

The designer jeans market was one of my most advertised marketing campaigns of its time—some designers who never did jeans before were now fully in. Companies like Vanderbilt, Jordache, Sassoon, and Klein suddenly became household names. You couldn’t watch a TV show without seeing commercials for this one industry. And it paid off big time. Stores were selling them left and right at very hefty prices.

SEO for churches and Christian SEO are usually not as concerned about hype but rather warmth. They want to present the Church to the local area warmly and welcomingly. It is telling them what you believe and introducing the Pastor using the website, professionally designed postcards, or other means. Christian Internet Marketing for business may take a different direction, but the core remains the same—a Christian web design that is honest, welcoming, and friendly.

Circling back to my original point

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The department store salesperson physically sells the jeans to the public, but the marketer mentally first sells the jeans to the masses. If you are a sociology/Marketing nerd like I am, you can probably imagine the mental and physical work that made this marketing trend a reality.

Think of it this way: Sociology predicts trends and decides if this is a product worth marketing, and, if so, what’s the best/most effective way to do it. Sort of the way a meteorologist analyzes weather trends and predicts what the weather will be like 1 hour from now, one day from now, or maybe five days from now. So, the marketer does for sales.

Fast forward to 2023, trendy distressed jeans sold today are anything but designer. These jeans sell for hefty prices and would have been tossed in the trash in the 1980s. It’s fascinating to see how trends have evolved over the years—at least to me, anyway; I’m a sociology nerd. Fashion, of course, will always be a stylish business, but trendy is by no means limited to fashion. I’m not sure what this all says about us as a people, but trends will continue forever. We all strive to be part of something bigger and fit in. That’s just how we all are!


Marketing is an art form. Or maybe, better put, an ever-changing puzzle that differs from region to region, industry to industry, and even moment to moment. Studying sociology trends and continually updating yourself in sociology (why man does what he does) removes at least some guesswork from marketing your Ministry, either for or non-profit. Understand me; I don’t claim to be a Sociology expert; sociology is just too vast a subject for any one man. However, I continually educate myself in marketing and sociology trends to stay current. Sociology and marketing go hand in hand.

We’re here to help

At a Rejected Stone, our Christian Web Design team and I will work as hard as you do to make your Ministry successful; this is our calling. Not only will we market your brand `to the obvious, but we will also try to find ways to bring others into the fold. SEO for Churches practices can be adapted for any product or service. The same holds for Christian web designers. This philosophy is where our SEO for churches has in-depth knowledge. The study of sociology, studying and understanding people, is the foundation of Marketing and Christian Web Design. To learn more about us, please visit our About page.

a Rejected Stone specialties are Christian Web Designers and SEO for churches, Christian SEO; we’re Marketing Companies for Churches, UX writing and design skills, and all other phases of Christian Web Design to serve you. My team and I are ready and well-qualified to assist you in your Ministry. 

* it’s not my intention to minimize the role of Real Estate Agents or Store Clerks. I realize their work is a lot more involved and not easy than this, but I was giving a quick example.

I’m Bob Taylor, and I approved this message by writing it.

Learn more about us and our SEO for Churches service, Christian web designers, and Christian SEO by visiting our website.


Robert J Taylor
Project Manager
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