So, what does a Project Manager do,

Project manager at a staff meeting
3-4 minute read. A Project Manager wears many different hats—a listener, a planner, and a coordinator, to name a few. We take your ideas and put them into action.

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and why do Church Marketing Companies need one?

Church Marketing Companies Project manager working with Christian Business Owners at a staff meeting

Photos by Jason Goodman and Dalton Ngangi

Monday – October 16, 2023

As Christian business owners, starting a business or non-profit involves risks, as you know. After all, risk is all around us. Everything we do has risk involved.

Paulo Coelho de Souza is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist 1947 – Present

I want to add to Coelho’s quote: “Also, the fear of success.” According to a study group done quite a while ago, believe it or not, more start-up entrepreneurs fear success. If you have a marketing team that works for you honestly and transparently (in the marketing industry called “White Hat”), we alleviate this fear by producing slow and more steady growth that lasts.

A Project Manager will help the Christian business owners in all phases of your marketing for Churches and Ministries project. These phases include Goals, Scope, Finished product, and Success criteria.

Goals: This is a (most) vital phase of any project. The Project Manager (Me) and Christian business owners—Stakeholders (You) must be 100% on the same page and clear on the organizational marketing goals. There’s no room for assumptions here. If the Stakeholder wants it to be 11.5” long and dark blue, but the project manager thinks it should be blue and about a foot long, this could be a problem. Likewise, our role is to utilize his marketing experience when appropriate to make constructive suggestions on improving the process. But, the Stakeholder is in charge, and the final decision is theirs.

These goals I speak of aren’t always precise. They, on occasion, can be very loose. For example, the Ministry may be unsure how it wants its logo or website to look. And that’s OK, too. Our designers and UX (user experience) writers are used to this and ready for the challenge.

Church Marketing Companies Project Manager working at desk talking on the phone.

“A Church Marketing Companies Project Manager wears three hats — First, the architect hat, he plans the entire project on paper. He submits it for the Christian business owners approval. Second, the leader hat puts the plan into effect and gives the individual professionals the direction they need to bring your project to life. Third, the presenter hat brings the project to you first for approval, then the world.”

Scope: After a good understanding of what needs to be accomplished has been determined, that’s where I go to work for you. My job is to decide what to do, who will do it, and when. First, a plan is written to minimize wasted time and resources. Then, once the project is approved, we find the right professionals to do the work right the first time. Our team of writers is top-notch and eager to help your Ministry grow. And finally, when to do the individual tasks that make the project flow naturally. This process is vital as it minimizes designer confusion and makes things run smoothly. 

Finished product: This is the part where I take the individual pieces of your project, put them together logically, and present them to the stakeholders for brand approval.

Success criteria: This is where we evaluate your project from start to finish and share the results with the Christian business owners in my report. What could we do better next time? What went well, and what didn’t? I will also present to you my recommendations on where to go next.  

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I’m Bob Taylor, and I approved this message by writing it.


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