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Digital Market project manager in meeting with stakeholder
4-5 minute read. Nobody can do all aspects of business on their own. If you're good at what you do, but marketing is not your thing. Relax, our Christian web design services got you covered. We have experts in all forms of digital marketing that can help your Ministry shine!

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Digital Market project manager in meeting with stakeholder discussing how a small Christian publisher can help her get her new book noticed

Part II

Thursday – November 09, 2023

Our Christian web design services, a Rejected Stone, can help in almost all aspects of your digital marketing needs. Of course, the standards such as our Christian web design services, logo design, User Experience writing (UX Writing), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but also other areas that can help, such as developing a marketing plan or creating Influencer videos or whether or not paid advertising is suitable for your needs. Our Christian Marketing companies are here to help with all aspects of your project.

  1. Someone who has been in the trenches for years, has been where you have been (many times over) and understands how you feel and can help you succeed.  
  2. Or someone who learned from a textbook and may have never experienced what you’re going through.

Experience in the field beats the classroom every time.  I’m not implying that education doesn’t have a role in success; it, gives you a place to start.  But true wisdom comes from life’s experiences and also, of course, from above.

One thing I see every so often, and I have to chuckle, is an advertisement for a digital marketing who says something to the effect – We have a proven formula that will help you succeed in some short period. And the part I find particularly amusing is that they’ll say this before he even knows who you are, where you live, or even what your company does.  

Let me debunk this myth. There is no one-size-fits-all-all, no standard operating procedure that works for all businesses. No checklists, I’m sorry, that just ain’t happening! I would never dream of marketing a florist in Kansas City, like selling a software company in San Diego or a seafood restaurant in New Hampshire.

  1. We take the time to get to know you and your personality – This is important because the business owner’s personality WILL become the business’s personality over time. Relationships in business top everything!
  2. If applicable, we learn about the area you do business in and what speaks to those in that area.
  3. We learn about your business or Ministry and what it stands for. We ensure we understand and put ourselves in your customers’ shoes. We teach ourselves what your (future) customers are looking for and how to craft our wording that talks directly to them personally, with high ethical standards and no marketing tricks.  As my grandmother said, if you cheat to win, you’re playing the wrong game!

We build your Ministry or business slowly, on a solid foundation. This procedure helps you in the long run and saves you time and resources. This like-mindedness is why working with a Christian marketing company is so important.

As your digital marketing agency, we work with you behind the scenes.

  1. Get to know you and your business operation.
  2. Make a detailed plan on what needs to be done and the proper order it needs to be done. (For saving time and money, this is critical.)
  3. Decide as to what goals are realistic in a doable timeframe.
  4. Determine the services needed and the best like-minded people to accomplish the task and stay within budget and scope promptly.
  5. Put everything together and present the result to you and your future clients.
  6. I would be humbled to support and market your product or service. 

Digital Marketing Pro tip: You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of three items on your website.

  1. Your site’s About Us page. This page is essential as it’s how to introduce yourself to people considering helping your Ministry or doing business with you. This presentation is a place for you to be honest and sincere and tell people about yourself. And NEVER, NEVER try to sell anything on this page. Tell people about yourself, where you live, and why you are devoted to this Ministry.  
  2. Video’s. People love short videos explaining your Ministry, product, or service. We can have a script professionally written for you, and if you want to do the video yourself, that’s fine, or we can arrange for an actor or actress to do it for you professionally. All at a reasonable cost that can be viewed for years.
  3. I have found over the years that you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with what your competition is doing.  Instead, spend that time making your Ministry/business better.  It will pay off in the long run.
Business man giving advice "Let you do what you do best—for all else, let the professionals do what they do best for you"  Some ways might be working with Religious Influencers or getting Church Facebook ads
  • Video productions that explain better than words
  • Possibly working with Influencers to promote your product or service
  • Investing in paid advertising, only if needed
  • Christian Web Design Services of all types
  • Talk to us; we want to help you succeed

Learn more about us by visiting our website

a REJECTED STONE is a full-service Christian Marketing company that offers Christian web design services that empowers non-profits, ministries, and businesses to make a lasting impact through effective, faith-based digital marketing. Our Christian Marketing companies can offer you as much or as little as your Ministry needs to thrive. Get in touch with us today! Please email us at talktous at arejectedstone dot com if you have any questions.

I’m Bob Taylor, and I approved this message by writing it.


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