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Successful marketing is What Drives Us – Part 1

"Illustration shows "DAD" as a used car salesman of the 1970s and "SON" of current day using the same sales techniques that his dad used to sell cars to promote his digital marketing business. This is why hiring a Christian graphic designer is so important."
4-5 minute read. The top illustration symbolizes the used car salesman of 1970 something. A very slick fellow who could glamorize just about anything with the right words. The bottom picture represents the new generation of sales professional with all the right words.

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Yesterday’s selling techniques are being reborn as successful marketing strategies for small businesses, perhaps literally. Our professional Christian graphic designer services and Christian web design company can help you get noticed transparently and honestly.

Christian Business Marketing Part 1. Then and Now. Marketing services for start-ups
Sales people of two generations
Oliver Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author 1883-1970

Thursday – November 24, 2022 

In my father’s (or Grandfather’s) generation, a unique group of men was highly trained and exceptional in completing their mission. They honed their craft to utter perfection. They were pre-owned car salesmen, or it was called back in the day, Used car salesmen. 

Whether they were used car lot owners or commissioned salespersons, the end goal was always the same: to extract as much cash as possible from everyone (regardless of ethics) who contacted them. Even today, there are individuals marketing churches who engage in similar unethical practices.

That was then, moving forward

Nowadays, things are very different. Automotive quality has improved significantly, and the traditional Used Car Lot has been replaced with larger corporate salesplexes (I just made that word up). For the most part, the Used Car Salesman has been laid to rest.

Or, has he …..

I’m telling you this because I believe these used car salesmen have had offspring over the years. Although these kids/adults may know nothing about cars, they found another vehicle (pun intended) to make their fortunes- the digital market for small business success or start-ups like website design, to name just one.

This is why it’s very important for a ministry to be equally yoked with its marketing team, like a Christian graphic designer or a Christian web design company.

A Christian web design company will work to bring you a higher standard; you will see that with us. Successful marketing strategies and a Christian graphic designer for small businesses are necessary if you’re starting a new business or it’s still on the drawing board.

“As a general rule of thumb, Do what you do best and let others do what they do best for you!” — Bob

Nobody has the zeal for your company more than you do. The second best option is to partner with someone who has these skills. There are many sources online for help and information to assist you that I recommend you check. I use various sources to get a broad view of where the markets are now and (more importantly) where they are heading.  MOZ is a company I recommend you check out. You will find a wealth of info there. Also, there’s SEMrush, and I highly recommend them.  

As I said, Web Design and strategic SEO placement are not complex (although highly frustrating and time-consuming if you care and want to do it right ). However, if you want to do it right, be prepared to put aside quality time to fine-tune it and keep abreast of all the newest developments and trends. A realistic time frame is about five hours per week*.

Are there better options?

Christian graphic designers and a Christian web design company can make a big difference in how your Ministry is presented to the world or your neighborhood.

Marketing church is not hard work. For me, it is fun; this is what I do. But, it is time-consuming* and can be frustrating. Search engines constantly change their algorithms, and fades come and go. You must stay in touch and be educated on all the new developments.

If marketing is not your thing and you need a caring team, I invite you to contact us. We can do your whole marketing plan, or if you have a marketing question, that’s OK, too. We have Christian graphic designer and other digital marketing professionals available to help.

We offer complete marketing services for your ministry/business needs, such as Christian graphic designer, search engine optimization, social media website design, and specialty items such as Christian web design company. All at fair and reasonable rates.

What’s Next?

To read more about us, click here.

Next month (Lord willing), I will discuss my faith-based marketing companies and my Christian faith. Does commercial marketing have any relationship with the marketing church or vice-versa? I know some of you have strong views on both sides regarding this topic, and I’d like to share mine.

* After the basic marketing foundation is complete, expect to spend, on average, about five hours per week, keeping it tuned with the search engines latest requirements. This foundation includes Icon design, Catchphrase, Attractive website design, and just as important, keep it search engine friendly.

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