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Successful marketing is What Drives Us – Part 2

5-6 minute read. One of Hockey’s all-time best, Wayne Gretzky, once had a great quote divulging his secret for career success. Like hockey, good business marketing involves much thought and planning, not merely guessing. Great business marketing starts with a good business marketing plan and adds the ability to adopt as needs change quickly.

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Since becoming an entrepreneur several decades ago, online marketing competition has become increasingly a game of cat and mouse. Our Christian Marketing companies recognize it’s no longer enough to have a great marketing plan, although that’s important. In addition to a great marketing plan, you must stay two to three steps ahead of your competition. Granted, this is nothing new, but as the Internet grows in worldwide popularity, so does your opposition! 

Friday – January 13, 2023

As Gretzky says, you skate to where the puck is going—this philosophy is ever so true in a business context. Your marketing team must work diligently for your business’s (and its own) success. We are a Christian Marketing company that also offers Christian website hosting services. We are your Ministries full-service marketing team that will benefit you over the long haul.

Hockey players in intense game play.  Christian Marketing Company plays to win —fairly.
  • Customer Persona – You’d be surprised how many ministries and business owners don’t understand their customers’ wants and needs well. This way of thinking is critical.
  • Design a marketing plan and objectives (goals) to satisfy those customers’ wants and needs. Our Christian website hosting services assure you that you and your followers are dealing with equally yoked professionals.     
  • Implement the plan by deciding what type or types of marketing should be used. For example, should we go with organic (without charge) advertising? Or would pay advertising be more effective in accomplishing the goals? 
  • Continue to monitor and “tweak” your marketing plan as customer needs change and markets fluctuate.

There’s a saying that Google’s ranking rules change every Monday morning. I’m not sure if that is true or an overstatement, but they do tweak the algorithms often enough.

So, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Instead, let’s talk about the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. For this talk, let’s assume you’re just starting fresh and beginning your marketing plan. Where do you start? Well, I recommend that before you think about going public, have your marketing “foundation” solid. This process involves the following components and why they’re essential:

  • Business foundation – All crucial ideas are built on a solid, unshakeable foundation. Your business is no exception. I’ll discuss this further in a future blog post to help you decide which of the three is best for you and your company.
  • Business name – Your name is what you’re known as. It’s usually the first thing that possible future customers judge you on.
  • Graphical logo – a logo is a symbol that makes it easier for people to distinguish your brand from the other guy. If people don’t remember your company’s name, they will remember the logo design, or vice-versa. Design a custom logo, and make it fresh and different from your competition. The more successful you become, the more valuable the logo becomes. Ask yourself, do you know of any very successful companies that don’t have one?
  • Company Catchphrase – Usually done with the graphical logo, it gives people a “taste” of your business values, all part of the significant first impression.
  • Website – Regardless of whether or not your business is big or small, just starting out or well established, why some choose not to have a website of their own is mind-boggling to me. A website has a meager cost and nonintrusive advertising available 24/7 all over the world. So what is there to say NO?

My recommendation is to get these five things done first before going public. These steps will give your future business a good marketing foundation that WILL support your efforts nicely.

Once you do decide to go public, this is where marketing gets fun. Now comes the strategy phase.

You need to do three things continually to give yourself the best shot at digital success.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – When looking for a specific product or service today, most people will utilize a Search Engine. If you are not listed on the first page for the particular keywords they’re searching for, the chances of them contacting your competition instead of you are excellent. You stand no chance if you are not on the first two or three pages. A website that is not search engine friendly is like an automobile without gas. It is not useless, but it is not as helpful as possible. Let our Christian Marketing companies explore all ways to help you succeed.
  • Other advertising sources: Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimization is just 50% of achieving high rankings when your business is new. Once your website is up and looks sharp, and your SEOs are fine-tuned, You’re in an excellent position for long-term growth. But in the short term, you need other forms of advertising to “jumpstart” your marketing efforts. Digital marketing (both paid and free) is necessary to drive traffic to your site. Always remember that the best website in the world is useless if people don’t know it’s there.  Be proactive; skate to where the puck is going!
  • Blogs – Writing quality blogs may not be as critical as the other items listed here, but they serve a useful purpose. Blogs do two things if they are written well and contain quality information. #1, they show your future clients your expertise level in this given topic, and #2, it signals to the Search Engines that you’re maintaining your site and keeping it fresh. Our Christian Marketing company writes all blogs in-house and never uses AI fillers.  

Short term and over the long haul. Sign up for our Christian Marketing companies free 30-minute Zoom consultation. We can explain our services and answer your questions. Sign up here

a Rejected Stone is a fully qualified Christian Website Hosting and Christian Marketing Company that can help you with all your company’s Marketing needs. We’re Google-certified in Digital Marketing and e-commerce, Project Management, and Google Search Engine Optimization through the University of California, Davis. Also, by hiring us, you can relieve yourself of all your company marketing chores and focus on what you do best—growing your business. We’re here to serve you! To learn more about us, please visit our website.

Over the next few months, I’ll focus more on how our Christian Website hosting and Christian Marketing companies can help your Ministry or business flourish.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on the pros or cons.


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